International student enrolments

All International Student classification enrolments should be completed through the Department of Education International Student Division. Contact can be made through +61 3 9637 2990 or

Foundation (Prep) enrolments

2025 Prep Enrolments The Department of Education has released an updated statewide Foundation (Prep) enrolment timeline for the 2025 school year. The timeline advises families when and how to enrol their child into Foundation (Prep) at a Victorian government primary … Read More

Out-of-zone enrolments

Enrolments for families not residing in our school zone are considered and determined in line with school capacity. To learn more about out-of-zone enrolments please call our office, or book a tour.

When should I enrol my child?

To start primary school your child will need to turn five years old by 30 April in the year that they start school. Your child must be at school in the year that they turn six years of age. This … Read More

In-zone enrolments

Our school zone is available on which hosts the most up-to-date information on school zones in Victoria. Students residing within our school zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined based on your permanent residential address. Our school … Read More

Submitting enrolment forms

If you wish to enrol your child at PMPS, please fill in our Enrolment Form. To enrol your child please ensure that: Your child is 5 years old by 30 April in the year that they start school (for Foundation). … Read More