Comprehensive Physical Education: Nurturing Well-being and Skill Mastery at Port Melbourne Primary

At Port Melbourne Primary School, our Physical Education programme goes beyond mere fitness, aiming to foster a holistic sense of well-being. This encompasses the joy of movement, the health benefits of regular physical activity, and the profound satisfaction derived from physical accomplishments.

Our mission is multifaceted: we aim to cultivate an environment where students not only thrive physically but also mentally and socially. This belief stems from the understanding that an effective Physical Education programme can enhance a student's confidence, bolster their social competencies, and boost their overall self-esteem.

Central to our approach is the mastery of fundamental motor skills. Through this foundation, our students transition from participants to skilled enthusiasts, delving into a spectrum of activities that span invigorating games, dynamic dance sessions, leisure recreation, and challenging sports.

The prominence of sports in our school culture is undeniable. Beyond in-school activities, our robust interschool sports programme stands as a testament to our commitment to athletic excellence. Our dedicated Sports team, renowned for their expertise and passion, often leads coordination for significant district events. A highlight of these events is our Gala Days, held each term. These occasions offer students the chance to engage in various sports, promoting healthy competition and teamwork. While we're proud of our consistent competitiveness, it's the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the enriching experiences our students gain that truly take centre stage.

Students also have opportunities to participate in numerous Gala Days throughout the school year, to compete against local schools within the Southport District. Students who excel in sporting endeavours also have opportunities to participate in state representative teams with opportunities provided through School Sport Victoria.

Swimming is conducted for students from Foundation to Year 4 as an intensive program at MSAC, and Years 3-6 participate in an Open Water Learning Experience run by Lifesaving Victoria.

All students participate in a 60 minute Physical Education session with their PE teachers each week as per the new Victorian Curriculum. Extra-curricular clubs and lunch time training sessions are run by staff and assisted by parent helpers over the course of the year to support student sporting development.