Knowledge Centre: Port Melbourne Primary's Library

Our school library is more than just a collection of books; it's a dynamic space designed to stimulate minds, ignite passions, and support the pursuit of knowledge. Here, students are enveloped in a world of learning possibilities, designed to offer both personal growth and academic enrichment.

Structured to complement our diverse curriculum, the library houses an extensive range of materials. From captivating picture stories and engaging fiction to insightful non-fiction, there's something for every inquisitive mind. Additionally, our educators are well-equipped with a dedicated collection of teacher resources.

Facilitating easy access to our vast collection, we employ an advanced digital library management system. User-friendly and web-based, it allows both our staff and students to quickly search and access the materials they need, enhancing the overall library experience. This system is accessible from any computer within the school's network, putting a world of information right at their fingertips.

Our library's core mission remains unchanging: to fuel curiosity, inspire a love for reading, and provide the tools and resources our students need to flourish in their academic journey.