Bridging Our Rich History with Modern Excellence

Established on its current site near Station Pier on Port Phillip Bay in 1889, Port Melbourne Primary School, with its traditional designation as state school number 2932, has long catered to the diverse educational needs of Port Melbourne's children. Once an annex to the bustling Nott Street Primary School, it began its journey facing challenges such as overcrowding and limited facilities. However, it has weathered every storm, boasting strong community ties that have only strengthened with time.

From its inception as 'Graham Street Primary School', its identity morphed over time, reflecting the school's evolving role and prominence within the community. Various name changes, from 'Port Melbourne Primary School - Graham Street' to reverting back to 'Graham Street Primary School' in its centenary year, tell a tale of a school asserting its unique identity.

The school's early history painted a picture of determination and grit. Sand-drifts, inclement weather, and dilapidated structures defined its initial years. Yet, the community's persistence led to monumental changes. The 1920s heralded an era of major renovations and improvements. The school's character also shifted; students, primarily from working-class backgrounds, navigated longer school hours and sometimes tough playground dynamics. From slates and ink pens to modern computers, from segregated academic groups to inclusive curricula, the educational journey underwent significant transformations.

The latter half of the twentieth century witnessed the school's consolidation and growth. The 1950s brought prosperity, with new facilities and a renewed curriculum. The subsequent decades saw an influx of multicultural students, progressive teaching methodologies, and a modern curriculum.

Enrolment dynamics changed dramatically at the dawn of the new millennium. Falling numbers led to the closure and amalgamation of other local primary schools. However, the turn of the century brought revitalisation to Port Melbourne Primary. The once dwindling enrolments surged, prompting renovations and expansions. Historical structures were refurbished, new facilities were built, and temporary classrooms were incorporated to manage the increased intake.

By 2019, the school embarked on further development with the completion of the state-of-the-art C Block, offering more classrooms and amenities. The introduction of the new gymnasium and our STEM and Languages learning hubs marked significant milestones in the school's infrastructure, merging its rich history with modern innovation.

Today's Port Melbourne Primary stands as a testament to both its storied past and its forward-looking vision. The campus is a seamless blend of historical significance and contemporary excellence. Over the last decade, a period of substantial modernisation has transformed it into a cutting-edge campus, yet it beautifully embodies our cherished history.

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