Strengthening Community Bonds: Parents and Friends Association

The heart of Port Melbourne Primary School is undeniably our Parents and Friends Association (PFA). Comprising a vibrant and dedicated group, they work enthusiastically all year round to orchestrate memorable community events. From the much-loved Fete and Diwali Festival to the exciting Colour Run and engaging Trivia Night, the PFA ensures there's something for everyone. These events are more than just occasions; they foster lasting connections, turning school acquaintances into lifelong friends.

Our community spirit is further augmented by the incredible support from local businesses. Their invaluable contributions and collaborations have consistently empowered us to make a real difference in enhancing the school experience. For businesses eager to join this flourishing partnership, our doors are always open.

Moreover, our commitment to enhancing our school infrastructure and environment is ongoing. Through various grant applications from both corporate entities and government bodies, we've been fortunate to fund a range of beneficial projects.

Passive Play & Oval Upgrade

Port Melbourne Primary School recognises the importance of diverse play spaces for our students. Thanks to community and government support, we've been able to rejuvenate our oval, transforming it into a multi-purpose space for both students and the broader community. Several sporting and community groups now utilise this upgraded facility. Additionally, we've introduced a passive play area, a calm and relaxing space where students can indulge in reading, sketching, role-playing, or simply enjoy a conversation amidst nature.

These enhancements are just glimpse into the comprehensive upgrade drive championed by our school and its community. Our Parents and Friends Association (PFA) has been instrumental in these endeavours. Their unyielding support has paved the way for new sporting fields and dynamic play areas, ensuring that every student finds a niche to explore, play, and learn in the surroundings that suit them best.

Playground Safety Barrier

Ensuring the safety of our students is paramount. Responding to the need for enhanced security measures around our newer playground areas, we've installed robust traffic barriers alongside the Prep playground that adjoins Graham Street. This ensures our young students have a safe and protected space, free from any potential hazards from local traffic.

Our unwavering community spirit, active parental involvement, and consistent dedication to improvement set us apart, making Port Melbourne Primary School truly special.