Our Vision

At Port Melbourne Primary School we are Proud to be at Port and Excellence, Collaboration, and Community are at the heart of everything we do.

🌟Excellence: We aspire to be a school where every student achieves their best, where high expectations aren't just a goal but our standard. We are proud to be a school of choice, celebrated for exceptional teaching, learning and wellbeing practices.

đŸ§©Collaboration: We believe in the power of working together. Our vision is rooted in a culture of collaboration, where teaching teams, students, staff, and families unite in a shared journey towards excellence.

đŸŒ±Community: Our school is more than a place of learning; it's the heart of our broader community. We strive to strengthen and build our community ties to build meaningful partnerships that help us develop the community leaders of tomorrow.

Our Goals

Each year, we develop targeted goals that help us achieve our overarching vision. This year's goals can be accessed here.

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