Port Melbourne
Primary School

Outstanding teaching and learning, nurtured by a close-knit community.

What we stand for

The following values underpins the culture of our school


We want to learn, be creative and find out more about the world around us. We take chances and are open to new learning.


We look after ourselves, others, and the environment. We demonstrate kindness by showing compassion, consideration, understanding and patience.


We strive to be courageous by taking risks, trying new things and being responsible for our actions. We stand up for ourselves and others.


We are able to respond to challenging situations through reflection, engagement and perseverance using a growth mindset.

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School Dates

Terms & Public Holidays

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Term Dates

Term 1 - 31 January to 6 April
Term 2 - 24 April to 23 June
Term 3 - 10 July to 15 September
Term 4 - 2 October to 20 December
Term 1 - 30 January to 28 March
Term 2 - 15 April to 28 June
Term 3 - 15 July to 19 September
Term 4 - 6 October to 19 December

Contact Us

Graham Street
Port Melbourne
VIC 3207

TEL (03) 9646 1001