After a couple of years developing our little veggie patch, in 2021 Port Melbourne Primary School embraced the concept of sustainability and embarked on our journey to become a Resource Smart School.  In conjunction with Sustainability Victoria and with support from CERES we are working to embed sustainability in all that we do – from the classroom to school events, as well as supporting the community.

“The ResourceSmart Schools program provides practical support to schools to reduce resource use, make cost savings, integrate sustainability into the curriculum and share learnings beyond the school gate.”

When complete, the school will have a Sustainability Certification, which is obtained through completion of 5 modules that focus on benchmarking and setting goals in relation to biodiversity, energy, waste and water management.  We began our benchmarking project to track our progression in 2021 and will have our biodiversity audit complete by the end of 2022.  We have an ongoing focus on ensuring we are constantly focussed on improving our local environment and school grounds, as well as continual education regarding ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ within the classroom and at home.

If you would like to get involved in the school sustainability initiatives including Waste Warriors (school events including Fete and Trivia Night), Garden Club (Thursdays), Sustainability Subcommittees including communications, waste management, Resource Smart School – or want to contribute but you’re not sure how, please contact Megan Drysdale (School Council Representative – Sustainability) on 0413 219 888.

“We are creating a better world for all species on Earth and future generations by developing an eco-friendly culture in our school and our surrounding community.”

Sustainability Reports