Evolving Towards a Sustainable Future

In recent years, starting from 2021, Port Melbourne Primary School has deepened its commitment to sustainability. Progressing beyond our initial steps with a small veggie patch, we've taken a determined stride to become a ResourceSmart School. This initiative, guided by Sustainability Victoria and bolstered by support from CERES, has anchored sustainability at the heart of our operations. From daily classroom activities to grand school events, our vision of sustainability now permeates all aspects.

ResourceSmart Schools is not just a program but a transformational journey. It offers schools the tools and guidance to cultivate sustainable practices, achieve operational savings, and, most critically, seamlessly weave sustainability into the curriculum, enabling the ripple effect to extend beyond school boundaries.

Our journey towards Sustainability Certification is systematic. By completing five foundational modules, we aim to establish benchmarks and set actionable goals across vital areas like biodiversity, energy, waste, and water management. We initiated our benchmarking process in 2021 and are on track to finalise our biodiversity audit soon. But sustainability for us isn't a one-off project; it's a continuing commitment. Our efforts encompass persistent endeavours to enhance our school environment and broader local surroundings. Equally, we champion the ethos of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' both within the school premises and in students' homes.

For those keen on contributing to this transformative journey, there are multiple avenues to get involved. Whether it's joining the Waste Warriors for our school events, participating in the Garden Club on Thursdays, being part of the diverse Sustainability Subcommittees, or even if you're eager to help but unsure where to start, we invite you to connect. Reach out to Megan Drysdale, our dedicated School Council Representative for Sustainability, on 0413 219 888.

At Port Melbourne Primary School, we're not just educating for today; we're fostering a mindset for a sustainable tomorrow. We envision a future where our school and community collectively uphold a culture that values the wellbeing of all Earth's inhabitants, ensuring a thriving planet for generations to come.


“We are creating a better world for all species on Earth and future generations by developing an eco-friendly culture in our school and our surrounding community.”

Sustainability Reports