Masterclass: Literacy and Numeracy Excellence at Port Melbourne Primary


At Port Melbourne Primary, our Masterclass program enhances literacy and numeracy skills among students. This unique program is the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.

Masterclass is a specialist subject. It is taught each week to students in Prep - Year 5, all year.

Masterclass is underpinned by the Explicit Direct Instruction methodology, a proven approach that ensures clarity, effectiveness, and engagement in learning. Our educators are skilled in delivering concise, targeted lessons that are both dynamic and captivating, ensuring that every student is fully involved in the learning process.

We a data-driven approach understand each student's current knowledge and learning needs. This precision enables us to tailor instruction that accelerates learning growth, ensuring every child is extended in their learning.

In the Masterclass sessions, students delve into advanced literacy and numeracy concepts, enhancing their understanding and application of these fundamental skills. From critical reading techniques to advanced mathematical problem-solving, the program is designed to challenge and inspire.

Our students thrive in an environment that values intellectual growth and mastery of essential skills. Masterclass not only boosts academic performance but also builds a robust foundation for future learning endeavors.