Can I donate to the school?

Yes, absolutely! Any contribution from the community is greatly appreciated and goes towards our ability to continue to provide the best facilities and programs to all our students. Please follow this link to donate today.

What are the schools policies?

Port Melbourne Primary School conforms all our school policies from the Victorian Government Schools governance and operational policies. You can read all our school policies here.

How do I become a member of council?

To be a part of our council, you don’t need any particular qualifications or experience – we look for enthusiastic parents who want to help improve the learning outcomes and school environment for all students. Learn more about our school … Read More

Can I attended a school council meeting?

School council meetings would normally be open to the school community. Visitors or observers can be present at a council meeting with the agreement of the principal and a decision of council. There may be times when, for the purpose … Read More